Saturday, 2 November 2013

It was a good trip today with Duncan and Julia it was good to hear the opinion on the planting schemes on the south bank, more London and Neo bank side its just  a shame i was the only one there from the whole entire monday class.

Shame on you fellow monday classmates!

The infamous walkie talkie

People using the Jubilee gardens the whole area was packed even in the bad weather. seeing this today has really made me consider the volume of people as a constant factor when it comes to designing space.

Within the entire scheme there is no specific water feature and also no link to the thames even though it's less then 25 meters away (bit weird) 

A good use of raising the ground level to create a good viewing point and also using a more natural form rather that steps like in more London

The buildings behind are also a key feature into the landscape but have not really been brought into the scheme in any way

A variety of users within the space all seem to be enjoying it

The difference in trees the older ones still healthy and green and the new scheme are not fairing so well. Maybe when the scheme was considered the size of the trees should of been considered to give the scheme a lot more of the wow factor like Neo Bank side.

My take on the Jubilee gardens 

As a use of space from a community aspect it is very good and you can clearly see it is heavily used, but as a piece of landscape/garden design i don't think it works. There is no harmony with the surrounding area and there is no real context to the limited planting (i think cost is the main reason behind this).

Sorry if i have offended anyone who reads this but just remember this is my personal opinion.

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